Chikkadibburahalli: A haven of sewage and effluent

Chikkadibburahalli: A haven of sewage and effluent

Water wasted

Several villages in the taluk are struggling for want of drinking water. In contrast, however, potable water springing from the pipes, like a fountain, and flowing onto the roads as well as into the drains is a common sight.

The sole tank in the village, where water is stored, is surrounded by weeds. As a result, the underground water level is sinking. Residents of the village worry about lack of water supply for them as well as the cattle.

In addition, they worry about the water pipes running adjacent to drains. “The watersupply staff show total disregard to matters of water supply and proper usage,” they complain.

The streets, in turn, are slowly turning into sewage-filled puddles. The citizens complain that the drains are choked.

The drains too are filled with waste, the lines are choked, and as a result, sewage overflows onto the roads. The level of pollution has only risen, say the citizens.

“Every evening we are attacked by mosquitoes, which are attracted by the unclean condition of the open drains and sewage-filled roads.”

The elected representatives repeat time and again that the Gram Panchayat has been granted funds and development work will commence soon.

 “But no work was started in months, even years,” says Munikrishnappa, a farmer from Chikkadibburahalli.