All about struggles

In the episode to be telecast on July 30, Pavni goes back home and tells her Dadi and Ravikant that she will prove them wrong and clear her mother’s image.
She decides to go to Mumbai and leaves for the city with Dev.

Lifestyles of the rich

Watch Super Swank — Luxury Vacation Homes on Discovery Travel and Living at 9 pm on July 30. It’s about a world of unparalleled opulence where money is no barrier and every whim is indulged. From mind-blowing luxurious spa resorts and hotels to magnificent homes and vehicles, live the high life with Super Swank.

Those who own huge houses have high standards when it comes to renting vacation homes. Nothing less than the biggest, best and most opulent will do for the jet set crowd. This week, the viewers visit a private paradise in the Bahamas, a luxurious Villa in Barbados and a 1,300 square meter palace in Las Vegas. And if none of those will do, there’s always the house that Cher used to live in.

 Neha MardaNeha is always on her guard

Neha Marda aka Gehna of  Balika Vadhu is scared of travelling alone. She makes it a point that whenever she is out, she has her bodyguards around. Neha had a frightening experience while travelling alone once.

“Sometime back, I had gone to Kolkata for some opening ceremony. At the airport a bunch of fans approached me.

I was wearing a dress which was tied from behind. The whole place got so crowded and in the rush, the dress got untied unintentionally by someone.

That incidence terrified me so much that now whenever I go out for any event, I always have three or four bouncers with me,” she says.

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