Celebration of art

Culture Fest

This week-long fest is a celebration of talent and potential that allows for self-discovery and exploration.

Kalotsav roughly translates to a festival of art which is what it is about at SJCC. Students from different classes compete in various competitions. They battle it out in every possible field from literary ones like debate, aircrash (a competition wherein the participants are presented with the situation where in the plane they are on is about to crash and they have to defend their stake to the last remaining parachute) and creative writing to performance arts like dance, mockrock (a parody competition) and music. Fine arts and craft also have many takers.

Each year the students decide upon a theme around which the fest revolves. This year the theme was Heal the World. “We want to sing, dance, have fun and save the world, make a difference. We want to create a better world for the coming generations,” said Avinash Rego, president of the student’s union. While on one day all events were focused around the sub-theme ‘save water save electricity’ on the next it was ‘prevention of cruelty towards animals’.

The enthusiastic students participated in great numbers. The college was abuzz with activity.  The busy students ran around, filled with a sense of purpose, either organising the events or participating in them or cheering on their classmates. There was even a prize given out each day for the class that cheered the loudest.

Indian dance, mockrock (gay themed, certainly progressive for any educational institution) Western dance, Western acoustics were some of the popular events. MJ’s life, too, was celebrated by the students of SJCC. Balraj’s Jackson tribute was in fact the finale piece at the Western dance competition.

This event is of great importance to the students as the winners were then invited to participate at Krones, a fashion event organised by students, parents and the alumni.

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