Gems from Sadguru Murali Krishna

Earlier this year in April, Sadguru Murali Krishna made a pilgrimage to the holy town of Shirdi, (adopted by Sadguru Sai Baba when he was alive) along with about sixty devotees. It was a long drive from Bangalore and it was not before long when problems characteristics of long journeys made themselves felt. This included breakdowns, lack of facilities, heat or absence of suitable eating places to satisfy hunger or thirst. The trip served to illustrate the astonishing ways that a guru employs to instruct his devotees.

Hearing these complaints, Swamiji said: “All of you perceive me as part of your own family. That is the kind of bandhan (relationship) that you have with me. I have planned this trip and it is my job to take care of you. Trust in me to make the arrangements and have faith that our challenges will be surmounted.  Avoid complaints. A true bhakta (devotee) will never fail and the Guru will never let him or her down. Genuine devotion is the key. Maturity combined with devotion will never fail to obtain results.

As the group neared Shirdi, his satsangs became more pointed and sharp:  "The world will not move according to your dictates. Only Nature can guide the universe and permit what happens to happen and preventing what does not happen. We are all creatures of Nature. We are here today and tomorrow we will be in some other place. We cannot predict what will happen. This is the nature of worldly existence."

"We should not sit and grumble for what we did not get or achieve. We must be happy with what we have and with what we have accomplished so far. Trust in God. He will bless you with what you need. Do not think about the past. Think of today and what is it that you need to do. Mahatmas never die because they were never born. In places like Shirdi when we chant mantras like Om Sadguruve Namah! We acquire tremendous energy! The fruits of ten days of chanting can be acquired in ten minutes in Shirdi! That is why Lord Subramanyam embodies so much energy and that is why we pray to Him for that energy!"

After reaching Shirdi the group visited Samadhi (shrine) of Shirdi Sai Baba. On their return to Bangalore, Swamiji said: "We must always remember that both the positive and negative come from Me. The positive is God, the negative is not. God is truth. God is bliss.

God is beauty. Satyam! Shiva! Sundaram! It is only love that can transform the universe. It is the most powerful weapon in our hands. Nothing else can change us or others as love can. But I send negative qualities in order to test you. I send you anger for example and I do that to test you. He, who overcomes anger by refusing to succumb to the temptation of negative energy and replaces it with love, is my real devotee.”

It was powerful message: the Guru (Supreme Reality) does not lie outside us, but is inside us. We have to look within if we want to experience His presence in us. This is the real pilgrimage, the real Shirdi, the real journey!

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