MP doc claims cure for 'Muscular Dystrophy'

MP doc claims cure for 'Muscular Dystrophy'

The patient, Karan fell sick due to Muscular Dystrophy (a sub group of myopathy) at the age of seven due to which his shoulder joints turned weak, and he could not uphold his neck. Flaccidity of Brachial and Tricep muscles and finger movement of both hands were blocked, Dr Sudhir Khetawat, leading the expert team at Acupressure and Hypnotherapy Research Centre (AHRC) here, told PTI today.

Myopathy is a neuro-muscular disorder causing muscle cramps, stiffness and spasm, Khetawat said, adding it leads to progressive weakness in voluntary muscles, difficulty in walking, standing, holding things, chewing, swallowing, legs and arms movement.

But through continous acupressure and hypnotherapy application for about a month by team of AHRC doctors the progressive weakness of muscles was arrested, and Karan started his daily routine work, Dr Khetawat claimed. On his line of treatment specially hypnotherapy, he said, it was a pure scientific way of treatment coupled with acupressure's known techniques.

"I made my patients to restore voluntary control on the muscles," he said. On the cost of treatments, he said it was very nominal and sometime free too to poor patients.
Even Dr H R Jhunjhunwala, a leading orthopedic surgeon at Bombay hospital, in his letter of March 21 congratulated doctors team of AHRC for the feat saying, "Its a miracle and big achievement of the Centre as it has cured many patients of myopathy by acupressure treatment".

Jhunjhunwala had also examined some of his cured patients and found significant improvement in body parts movement and performance of daily-life activites, Khetawat said citing his letters of correspondence.

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