Ramdev 'forgives' PM for Delhi crackdown

Ramdev 'forgives' PM for Delhi crackdown

Ramdev 'forgives' PM for Delhi crackdown

Ramdev’s climb-down comes a night after the prime minister issued a statement in a bid to pacify tempers. But there was no let down in his stance against the Delhi Police, in fact it only got stronger and murkier on Tuesday, after Ramdev accused that women supporters inside the Ramlila Maidan in New Delhi were stripped nude by erring Delhi cops under the garb of evicting people.

He said their clothes and saree’s were forcibly removed by cops leaving them naked. Ramdev said his women supporters made harrowing revelations that they were hit by cops on their private parts.

Ramdev said those joining his campaign against black money and corruption need not to fast, instead they should eat and protest. Ramdev said only he would be fasting and called upon his supporters to break their fast.

His change is stance, both in his campaign form and on the prime minister and his government, is being seen as an attempt by Ramdev to offer some direction to his campaign, waning in support, his close aide said.

In the last two days, much against what team Ramdev would have expected, its support base it appeared was arguably loosing steam, both in terms of numbers and the kind people associating or disassociating with Ramdev.

“I have forgiven the PM and his government, but this episode will remain as a dark blemished event in the history of Indian politics. They cannot be pardoned for this,” Ramdev said. He again reiterated his stand that he was open for a dialogue with the government but that could only take place if the government takes the initiative.

Balkrishan resurfaces
Ramdev’s close aide Balkrishan, facing controversy over holding more than one passports and controversial business practices, reached Haridwar on Tuesday evening after “missing” for some days, giving rise to more questions than he could answer.

He claimed he was neither arrested nor detained by the police and had voluntarily chosen to stay till the end at the Ramlila Maidan to serve those who were injured. He said he stayed in Delhi because he was told that he would be arrested. He rubbished allegations on his origin and passport saying he was born in Haridwar and is an Indian national.