What's the buzz

What's the buzz

The best diet secret — eat fruits

Want to lose weight in a healthy way? Just eat various varieties of fruits daily.
Co-authors Dian Griesel, and Tom Griesel, of the new book, ‘TurboCharged: Accelerate Your Fat Burning Metabolism, Get Lean Fast and Leave Diet and Exercise Rules in the Dust’ proposed a significant amount of fruit in the diet. They even recommended that sometimes days of just fruit.

“Fruits which are so commonly restricted in most ‘weight-loss’ diets and lacking in most everyday diets are essential for optimal health along with plenty of fresh vegetables, nuts, seeds, and animal proteins like meat, fish, eggs and cheese,” said Griesels.
Tom said, “As fruits are always lumped into the ‘carb’ category they get a very unfair rap and are too often eliminated from diets. This is convenient for manufacturers, but detrimental to our health and well being. A piece of fruit provides lots of nutrition, easy take-along packaging and natural water.”

“It may take awhile for fruit to regain its rightful position as a healthy, popular food, but its nutrition value cannot be denied,” said Dian. “Our advice: Take control of your own health. Start eating fruit salad for breakfast, lunch and dinner along with fruit snacks in between! This simple step will help elevate moods, spirits, improve key biomarkers and certainly elevate absorbable nutrient intake.”

Intolerance to dairy products: all in the mind
Are people who say they’re allergic to dairy products really affected by it? May be not, as researchers have said that lactose intolerance may be all in the mind.

Many people who claim to be intolerant to the milk sugar lactose are simply stressed, anxious or depressed. While their symptoms are real, the cause is in their mind, rather than in their coffee cup.

The discovery by Italian researchers has important implications for health, because many people who believe they are lactose intolerant cut out dairy products from their diet.
This could leave them severely short of calcium, raising the odds of brittle bones and falls and fracture in old age.

It is thought many people decide they have an intolerance after hearing a celebrity’s experience of a certain food.

In the latest study, Guido Basilico, of the University of Milan, tested more than 100 people who had stomach pain, bloating and diarrhoea and believed they were lactose intolerant, to see if they really did have problems breaking down the sugar and absorbing it into their blood.

He also asked them about their mental and physical health, including whether they were depressed or anxious or suffered from general aches and pains. This revealed their stomach troubles to have little to do digestion of lactose. But mental state did seem to be to blame.

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