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The ‘Richie-Rich of India’ had his first live chat show with Simi Garewal on ‘Simi Selects India’s Most Desirable’.

Everyone knows that Siddhartha Mallya is no ordinary rich kid on the block. And this was proved once again by the array of people ready to attend to him at any moment during the shoot.

The venue was abuzz with people (mainly girls) who were dressed to impress. Every celebrity who has been on this show has had their fans waiting for them but this time it was different.  The stage was set for our UK-returned Prince Charming who seemed to be more desirable than any of the Bollywood biggies.

Celebs are known to have people swooning over them. But our man here had people attending to him every second of his time on the sets.  There were makeup artists, a hair cutter, a hair stylist and not to forget his bodyguards and secretary.  This entourage had their eyes only for Siddhartha.

Moreover, ‘Mr Perfectionist’ wanted to look his best for his first live chat show. And so he got his designer blazer altered to the perfect fit. He also got the look perfect with a haircut on the set. This surely kept the production team on their toes.

So what’s it about Siddhartha that makes him so desirable?

Watch his secrets unfold on ‘Simi Selects India’s Most Desirable’. The programme is coming soon on Star World.

Deadly and dangerous

Perfect Disasters’ is the story of massive storms that are larger, more dangerous and more deadly than any other storm, Tune into this exciting show to discover what would  happen if one of these super storms crashes into a city like New York,  London, Hong Kong, Dallas, Sydney or Toronto? ‘Perfect Disasters’ airs on June 9 on Discovery Science at 9.30 pm.

Dream machines

Designer Leepu Awlia — Bangladesh’s answer to Enzo Ferrari — and his master mechanic Bernie Fineman, re-open their garage for a brand new session of ‘Chop Shop’ on Discovery Turbo.

They undertake five special commissions for some of the best-known faces in British entertainment and sport. Will British and Bangladeshi cultures clash when they create motor mayhem? Watch Leepu and Bernie work their magic and turn mundane motors into dream machines on ‘Chop Shop’.  The programme airs on June 9 at 11 pm.

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