'I am tired of doing romantic roles'

'I am tired of doing romantic roles'

Turning Nostalgic

'I am tired of doing romantic roles'

Captaining the ‘Chennai Rhinos’ for the first match in the City, Abbas says that it was this mantra that pushed him to try playing cricket.  He says that the CCL in a way has shown people how united the film industries are.

“I found it a great way to build a healthy relationship with actors from various industries and to stay in shape,” says Abbas.  Having started his career as a model in Bangalore, Abbas says that the City holds many memories for him.

“It feels so good to come to Bangalore and play at the Chinnaswamy Stadium. No matter where I am, the City will always hold a special place in my heart,” says Abbas. When it comes to movies, Abbas always had a reputation of managing any language.

He is currently taking things slow and steady. “I don’t want to put too many things on my plate right now. I like having time on my hands and spending it with my family and friends,” says Abbas, who is currently working on an untitled Telugu film.

The movie is a take on the English thriller ‘Big Nothing’. “It’s an interesting script and my role demands a lot of action. Currently, the movie is shelved due to CCL and I had sustained an injury. But now I am a lot better and looking forward to completing the film,” he says.

Known for his chocolate boy looks and romantic hero roles, Abbas feels that it is about time he stepped out of that image.

“I am aware that people know me for only my romantic roles. But I am tired of doing just that. That’s why I am now on the look out for those films that will break me out of that mould and I feel this Telugu film will help me achieve that,” he signs off.