Mazy's Muddle: Round and round in the park

“Mazy, come let’s go for a walk,” he says at all times of the day.

Why me? If the doctor has asked him to walk more so that his health can improve, why do I have to go along? “Because, my dear crazy Mazy, who will lift me and call 108 to get an ambulance if I faint?” he says.

So now, we walk five times around a square park. After a few steps, Uncle Gopu is sweating and huffing so much that he hardly speaks. So, I get plenty of time to think of this and that.

Suppose I had a circular play car and if instead of walking, I went along the four walls of the park, what path would the centre of the car take? It may help to close your eyes and imagine a car going all along the sides of the park. Remember, circular car!

Out of the maze

It will be a square too. A smaller square than the park.

Imagine the car, and me in it, driving from one end of the park along the wall to the other side. One straight line.

Then, I’ll have to steer 90 degrees to go along the breadth of the park. (Of course, in a square park, length is equal to the breadth). And another turn at right angles, and the final turn at right angles. Try thinking of paths the centre of a dashing car makes when you go next to an amusement park.

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