Writers' garden

Writers' garden


It’s evident that, when asked, kids would say,
The BEST time of the year is their summer holiday.
While on school days, your brain doesn’t get
any rest.

Summer should be nicknamed ‘Sleeping Brain Fest!’
For you don’t have to slog or think or work
or study,
You can just sit and chat with your buddy.
You can sleep until whatever time you want,
Or stay up late and watch movies that haunt.
Movies, Amusement Parks, Go to your friends’ place,
Swimming Pools, Beaches, Tan Your Face.
But it’s true and clear that summer will be done,
And down the drain goes all your fun.

Because we all have to go back to school,
And everything must be done by the rule.
And the difference is that you’re up by one class
So you have to study MORE and MORE so that you can pass!
You have to worry about homework, exams and every single test.
So now do you realise why Summer is the best?

Dheeya Shetty, NAFL


Flibber and Flubber,
There goes another,
Pretty jellies blue and red in colour,
And some even have scents as sweet as flowers.

Merry jellies all nice and in shape,
So many flavours, my favourite is grape,
Yummy jellies I can’t live without,
Let’s eat some right now!

Tarika Vijayanagar, NPS Rajajinagar


Boom, Crash, Bam, Boom, Bam
Massive explosions are heard
My heart pounds so hard
Fires are blazing
Destruction is all I see
The earth is shaking
Dust clouds fill the air
Homes fall down like dominoes
Mother Earth help me
Then the world awakes
and help comes over the seas
Now Japan is safe.

Sahana Belatur, 4th Grade

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