The upside-down fairy

She had been expecting her Granny to visit her like she did every year during the holidays. It was very rare for Granny not to visit her dearest grandchild. But this year Granny had become weak. Her knees were not in good shape. The hot and long train journey worsened her aches and pains. Moreover, Granny’s doctor had advised her complete rest. Anita broke into tears when she heard this. She wished she had Alladin’s magic lamp to make Granny’s pain disappear. Unfortunately, she had no luck with either genies or fairies!

Anita’s mother suggested that she take a walk in the garden to calm down.
As she sat down on the grass and gazed at the blue, cloudless sky, Anita heard the leaves rustling. And suddenly, something fell into her lap. She bent down to see what it was. It was a small person  with tiny little wings! It was a... fairy!

Anita was stunned. She caught hold of the fairy by her legs. Actually, she held the fairy upside down! Do you know what it means? Well, the fairy might know!

The fairy spoke in a whisper. And Anita had to bring her close to her ears to hear her better. “I was flying towards Fairyland when I saw your disappointed face. Distracted, I collided with a tree branch and fell into your lap. Thank God, I wasn’t hurt,” said the upside-down fairy, adding, “But why do you look so sad?” “My Granny is not going to visit us this year and I am going to miss her very much,” Anita said, eyes welling up. The fairy had a thoughtful look on her face. “I can bring your smile back. I shall grant you one wish. But remember you must make your wish by the evening. And you must wish for the opposite of what you want because you caught me upside down! State your wish aloud to someone,” said the upside-down fairy. And she vanished into thin air!

Anita was overjoyed. The first person she saw when she reached home was her mother. She ran towards her and blurted, “I don’t want Granny to visit us!” Anita’s mother was speechless with surprise. As for Anita, she waited with bated breath for her wish to come true. The day went by, but there wasn’t any news of Granny.  Anita began to wonder if she had dreamed up the upside-down fairy, after all. She went to bed, feeling glum. The next day was Sunday. When Anita woke up, sunlight was streaming in through her window. And Granny stood by her bed, smiling widely! Around Granny stood Anita’s whole family.

“Happy Birthday, Anita!” they sang out. She had forgotten about her birthday! Anita gave Granny a tight hug. This was her best birthday gift ever. “We are going to have a double celebration,” declared Dad. Was it the magic of the upside-down fairy, or was it Granny’s love for Anita that had brought her here despite her knee pain? Whatever it was, it was a happy ending, wasn’t it?

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