Indian medicine for Malaysian student

Indian medicine for Malaysian student

Since its Independence, Malaysia has maintained best economic records in Asia with GDP growing at an average rate of 6.5 per cent for nearly 50 years. The nation’s economy has traditionally been supported by natural resources, besides other sectors like medical tourism, tourism and commerce.

A multicultural and multi-ethnic society is considered as one of the mega diverse country across Asia with bounty of biodiversities of flora and fauna. The inhabitants of the land are native Malays besides large number of Chinese and Indians being fraction of the cultural segment. The cultural aroma of the country has been a brew of all essential cultures of many religions, race and creed across the globe.

Malaysia’s trading partners Chinese and Indians have joined the various indigenous tribes, many of which live in forests, forming the cultural and traditional essence of the soil. Malaysia’s unique diverse heritage has many facets. The immigrant population has left an indelible mark in the cultural legacy of Malaysia.

Here is Chiang Wei Bian from Malaysia, who is in Manipal pursuing his MBBS degree. He unravels his imagination of India, besides his experiences since he landed here three years back.

Bian is studying in 3rd year MBBS at Malacca-Manipal Medical College. Excerpts of the interview….

What made you to come to India? Why did you select India for studying medicine?

Malaysian government offers scholarships for higher education and to study abroad.

We have to apply for scholarships after our 12th standard. I applied for medicine and I had no idea on where I would do my MBBS. I am in India as my government directed me to opt for Malacca-Manipal Medical College.

How is the quality of education here? Is the fees charged here in Manipal is less or high when compared to Malaysia?

It is of standard cost. When compared to studying in private universities in Malaysia, it is much cheaper in India. However, it is bit costly in contrast to the fee structure in Malaysian government universities as the entire education expenses is supported by the government. The quality of education is marvellous with fantastic facilities. You cannot expect this in Malaysia. It is really great that whenever you need, your teachers’ guidance, they are always approachable. Here we have one cadaver for 15 students in anatomy section, while it is one cadaver for 100 students in Malaysia.

What are your experiences after coming to India?     

I had never visited India. I was astonished to see the crowd here. It was all new to me. The traffic, vehicles, people, everything is totally different. It is much disorganized with different way of life. It is amazing to notice that people here are used to the way of life. Sometimes, I would feel the danger and also surprise as there were no disagreement in the approach towards life. After three years of experience in India, I am now enjoying every bit in India.

Did you experience any difficulty in getting adjusted here?

Bian- I had no major difficulties as people are friendly. There is language barrier in most of the places in India. However, people understand you through body language. One of the major problems here is getting adjusted to the seasonal changes like heavy rain, scorching heat. I am safe in India if I think of other countries in the world.

Which are the places you visited in India and which place you liked the most?
I have visited Delhi, Goa, Mumbai and Agra. I liked Agra because of wonderful Taj Mahal. It is awesome.

Do you like Indian Food?

It is ok. In Malaysia, we give more importance to solid food and here more importance is given to gravy. I liked dal, idli and Biriyani.

What about Indian dress?

It is very unique. Very different as it is nowhere seen in the world. The way of dressing itself is of high morale and looks nice on whoever wears it.

Did you find any difference in the family system in India when compared to Malaysia?  

I did not experience any big difference. We do have joint families and also nuclear families as it depends on preferences. It is the same way of parents taking care of children with financial support until children settle down. Children are pampered and parents ensure all sorts of comfort.

How did you find India?  

People here are more determined with never give up attitude. They struggle to fight the life. I have come across countless slums that represent the lower social strata. We rarely find slums in Malaysia. People don’t succumb to pressure, whereas in Malaysia people end up their life for silly reasons. They don’t fight. Here we find people surviving even in the most difficult situations. It is really great.

Would you recommend India to your friends?   

Sure. We have many things to learn in in India. I learnt lot of things.                                                                                                     

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