Jazzing up your home office


Jazzing up your home office

 You could make your home office interesting by way of maintaining a balance between natural elements.

My most cherished dream had always been to work from home. When my dream finally came true, I found myself at a loss when it came to choosing the right place at home for my ‘home office’.

However, it did not take me too long to zero in on a cozy corner to set up my office as I was quite sure of the basic requirements in my office – lots of natural light, fresh air and a comfortable ambience.

Very soon, I discovered what a delightful experience setting up a home office can be. Though the utilitarian aspect of home office furnishings always rules, it is worthwhile to lend a thought to its ornamental features too. And, of course, to the good organisation of various elements that go into the making of a productive home office.

Natural light vital

Though preferences and work habits vary widely, the first and foremost ingredient of a good home office is natural light. From time immemorial, the importance of natural light in elevating our mood has been highlighted and hence it is best to place our work station near huge windows that not only allow lots of natural light to stream in but also fresh air. The potent combination of natural light and fresh air can be simply therapeutic, resulting in a happier, healthier work environment! Further, there is nothing like a sunny, open space to work in to let the creative juices flow.

Work from home also translates into long hours at the work station. The right choice of furniture, from compact storage shelves to comfortable chairs, can work wonders to the overall work experience. When it comes to choosing furniture, the issue of space cannot be ignored as the size of furniture should always be proportional to the extent of space available. If lucky enough to have a huge area to be demarcated as home office space (which is highly unlikely in a city like Bangalore), then there’s hardly anything to worry about.

Careful planning

If not, careful planning is essential to have a well-equipped home office with as few a furniture as possible.

A basic table for the computer with a chest of drawers that can hold everything from a paper clip to important files and papers, does the trick. While choosing the table, care should be taken to choose the one with a foot rest as long hours at the work station in a seated position can be quite taxing on our feet. As far as the chair is concerned, it is best to go in for ergonomically designed ones than fancy revolving chairs as a firm back rest is key to a healthy back. The stiffer the chair, the healthier it is!

Home office generally means piles of books. If so, it is best to opt for wall mounted, floor-to-ceiling shelves rather than large cupboards as they are great space savers and allow easy access to books as and when they are needed.

These shelves, especially if they are in glass, not only look classy, but also display our coolest collection of books  well, lending the much-needed ‘oh-so-chic’ touch to our home office. The glamour quotient of these shelves can be further enhanced with the fixture of focus lights right above them.

Since organisation is the key to productivity, it is best to arrange books in an alphabetical order. Moreover, since the line between a home office and home library is almost non-existent, a well organised book shelf can actually lure you into rediscovering Wodehouse and Jeffrey Archer rather than mindless channel surfing.

A settee, a swing...

Throw in a cushy settee, a swing, a rocking chair or a bean bag and the picture of a home office-cum-library will be nothing but perfect - a work space that’s conducive to thought and study.

It is always said that our home is a reflection of our personality and the same holds good when it comes to our home office too. So, choose the right wall colours to add to the allure of the home office. Though it is best to follow your heart in the choice of colours, the lighter the shade, the better it is. For, lighter shades reflect light better, keeping the home office bright and inviting at any time of the day or night.

Similarly, choose the light fixtures in your home office with care as lights play a very important role in creating the right ambience for work. While too bright a light can be quite disturbing, too dim a light can lull us into sleep. It is equally important to ensure that the light doesn’t glare on the computer screen. Numerous lamp shades available in the market, if chosen with care, can go a long way in creating an industrious atmosphere.
The greatest advantage of working from home is that we are our own bosses. So, we can unleash our creativity and dress up our work station the way we want.

Pretty pen and pencil holders, fancy mouse pads, soft boards to pin up reminders, classy photo frames with photographs of our loved ones… The list can go on.

When it comes to furnishings and accessories, skip the typical ‘office’ look and go in for home-quality pieces that create a cozy feel.

Stash paperwork and stationery either in the chest of drawers in the computer table or attractive storage bins so that the work station looks neat and organised.

Potted plants, fish bowl...

Small potted plants or a fish bowl can further add to the allure of the place. Personal touch is all that is needed to enhance the home office décor.

The location of the home office too plays a vital role in determining the productivity of its user.

The closer it is to the living room the easier it is to handle the other issues at home. However, there’s nothing like a home office that either faces a garden or a balcony or opens into one.

This easy access to a garden or a balcony will allow tired minds and bodies the comfort of relaxing short walks outside.

Planning a home office that's tailored to our unique needs can make even the most basic office task an enjoyable prospect. So, what are we still waiting for?

Let’s activate our creative cells and spruce up our home offices. After all, we are our own bosses.

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