Katich could have sued CA for age discrimination

Katich could have sued CA for age discrimination

The 35-year-old, who lambasted Cricket Australia for axing him from the list, was told by lawyers to consider taking CA to court but he shot down the idea.

"Katich told his management to drop any thoughts of legal action, saying he wanted to fight his battles on the cricket pitch and not in a court of law," reported 'Fox Sports'.

The player's manager Robert Joske met high-profile industrial law outfit Harmers Workplace Lawyers and was advised Katich had a "strong case should he choose to go down that track".

Katich has alleged that age was the reason why he was ignored by CA despite being a prolific scorer for Australia in Tests. "I have got a massive feeling that my age played a big part of it," Katich said.

"There has been so much speculation about the age of our team. Look, obviously that is never going to be mentioned because of the legalities, but in my last three seasons I have had the numbers on the board," Katich said.

"I have enjoyed playing in the team and to be told that it was because the opening partnership needed to be bedded down before the 2013 Ashes just doesn't sit well with me," he added. Katich said losing the contract was an issue of prestige for him.

"We get paid very well, but I am also respectful of the fact there are a lot of people in Australia a lot worse off than I am," he said.

"It's not about that for me, it's about the fact I had earned the right to play for Australia through my performance and to have that taken away for a reason I don't agree with I think is blatantly wrong. "As a player, we have no way except for legal proceedings to answer back," he added.

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