Ministerial berth: Will he, won't he?

Ministerial berth: Will he, won't he?

Varthur has been waiting for three years for his dream to come true

BJP state unit president Eshwarappa being given a grand welcome by the party members during his arrival in Kolar on Saturday. DH Photo

It has indeed been a long wait for the MLA, who has been promised of a ministerial berth in the BJP Government. On several crucial moments, Varthur Prakash has proved his loyalties to the BJP Government by extending his support.

For the last three years, he has been waiting on his toes for his dreams fulfill.
Among the list of 10 most eligible aspirants for the minsterial candidature, Varthur Prakash’s name echoes more strong and definite. All the aspiring candidates are waiting for the Cabinet expansion to happen. Varthur Prakash and several others have been for this moment quite anxiously.

Amid all this, the arrival of BJP state unit president K S Eshwarappa to Kolar on Saturday, clarified the air by confirming the ministerial berth for Varthur Prakash in the Yeddyurappa Cabinet. The discussions on whom to provide the ministerial berth among the independents who have extended their support to the BJP government, has been going on right from the days the party formed the Government at the State and also, whenever the issue of Cabinet expansion cropped up.

Could not make

And everytime Varthur Prakash’s name appeared among the list of the most deserved candidates. But however, it never made headlines beyond that. In the initial days, Varthur Prakash was more vocal in expressing his discontent over the dropping of his name. However, in the recent days he hardly spoke about it.

It can be recalled that a few days back, at a programme held in Kolar taluk, he had stated that the Chief Minister was planning to take a suitable decision in his favour, with regards to his minsterial candidature.

Needless to say, Varthur Prakash has been changing his political stance on and off, making his position a bit delicate. But he struck the chord at the right moment, by expressing his support to the BJP.

Right from the days, he won the Assembly elections in 2008 as an independent candidate, he supported the BJP when the party was garnering numbers to prove its majority to form a Government in the State. After the BJP government was formed, he did not get any ministerial berth immediately. However, he was made the chairman of the Karnataka Urban Water Supply Board but only after a few months. But unfortunately, due to the strife between the government and the chief minister, he had to wash his hands off from this post also. His affinities towards his ‘political guru’ Siddaramaiah lead to enough controversy. He is also said to have openly criticised his political guru Siddaramaiah.

Created a flutter

Last year in October, rumours were rife over Varthur Prakash joining the JD(S). Several eyebrows were raised and and his presence along with JD(S) supremo H D Devegowda at a press conference at Kadur in Chikkamagalur district created a flutter. Immediately five days after this incident, he was found along with Minister Janardhana Reddy, again expressing his support to the BJP Government.

Even the people of his constituency were taken aback by his changning political stands. While his supporters where as at loss, unable over reaslise what were the reasons behind their leader’s sudden switch in loyalties. They had no other option but to keep mum.

When, Yeddyurappa sought for numbers to prove his majority for the third time, Varthur Prakash expressed his support then also. Prior to this, he had put all his efforts in ensuring the victory of the BJP candidate in the Bangarpet Assembly bypolls. It is also learnt that the Chief Minister assured Varthur Prakash that if he made efforts in winnning the BJP candidate in the Bangarpet Assemby bypolls, then he would be given a ministerial berth. Now, with BJP leader Eshwarappa’s assurances that he will be getting a ministerial berth, time alone has to tell if the words ring true for the ambitious MLA and that his dreams will be fulfilled or not.

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