For constant fear of the dark


The constant fear of the unknown is another factor that beckons them to watch these movies. Some swear by horror movies and watch nothing else while the weaker souls stick to romantic comedies, light humour and other genres.

However, studies have shown that watching scary movies can have both short-term and long-term effects. Short-term effects include increased heart rate, fainting, anxiety, shaking etc. Problems that stay with us longer include high blood pressure, developing of phobias, anxiety and possibly, even a heart attack. Horror movies have an influence on our sub conscience as well, thus affecting the way we think.

Dr Shakuntala, a general physician, says, “Watching scary movies increases the dopamine level in the brain. Short increases don’t do any damage but if the content being viewed is extreme or the quantity of horror being watched is a lot, dopamine could majorly increase, leading to psychiatric problems. Otherwise, the problems are quite psychological.” This supports the fact that scary movies do create some damage. But what does the youth have to say about this?

Arpita Chand, a third year student of PESIT, says, “I actually do not like scary movies. If children are exposed to horror at an early age, it could traumatise them. I also feel that fear of the dark originates from watching such movies. Elderly people or people with weak hearts also shouldn’t risk watching these movies.”

Anuja Kingar, a third year student of Christ University, agrees as well. She says, “It causes nightmares, mostly for children, and they end up crying in the middle of the night.” But Neha Khambete, who is a second year student in Bhagwan Mahaveer Jain College, is of a totally different opinion.

“I think it totally depends on the psyche of the person watching a scary movie. The fact that they increase your heart rate is what gives you the thrill of watching them.”

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