This green lung space in City has been laid to rest!

Being caught in the vicious circle of the day-to-day mundane routines of life, parks and gardens are the most sought after places to relax and refresh.

But owing to lack of maintenance and negligence, these green pockets can also be a cause of embarrasment and problems. If taken care of, properly and maintained neatly, they can become the pride of towns and cities. Or else, on the contrary, they can also become an eyesore to the public.

The Sarvagnya Park in Kolar has definitely become an eyesore to the people of the City. The Park, which was developed on promoting ‘healthy’ cultural and social life, has failed to realise its purpose. The Park, from any angle, does not even resemble a green lung space. Neither from outside, nor from the inside does it look the manner, it should.

Located adjacent to the Boys Government College, in the heart of the City, dingy activities and murky affairs at the Sarvagnya Park has earned a black spot for ever. In fact, it has added to the dirt and grime that is piling up in this part of the City.

A nuisance

Unkempt and neglected to the core, blades of wild grass which have hapazardly come up everywhere. They are proving to be a nuisance to the morning and evening walkers. The citizens are trying to utilise whatever good space that can be put to use. Apart from being frequented by revellers and beggars, very rarely, a few students find their way into the park to engage themselves in reading.

It is also a pity to note that the entire area has been converted into smokers’ corner. What should have brought respite to the concrete jungles that have vastly expanded on the urban landscape, has now turned into an ‘all smoking zone.’ Citizens also recollect that a couple of times, a few dharnas were staged at the Park to seek the attention of the Government on the permanent irrigation scheme, last year. Apart from that, hardly any activities worth mentioning have taken place here.

The idol of poet Sarvagnya, installed in the Park, is not even visible to the citizens. The Doddapet market located beside the park, has only added more to woes to the already existing problems. Miscreants and lazy vendors often make their way to the park to while away their time. The only huge gate that is supposed to mark the entrance to the Park is the only sign to prove that it exists there.

A few shops lined up beside the walls of the park sell milk and fish. A few cart-pullers also find it a convenient halt there to sell their goods. Fast food jaunts, sugarcane vendors, snacks and eatable kiosks only add to the garbage that keeps piling up near the compound walls of the park.

Also a temple, a taxi stand and public toilets are also located near the park. Stench and garbage is all that the Park can offer to the visitors. Inspite of having all the potentials of being the pride of the City, the Sarvagnya Park, alas, is lost, forlorn, hidden and lifeless, inspite of the bustlings ‘activities’ around it.

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