Now, you can gift health to loved ones through cards

Now, you can gift health to loved ones through cards

Now, you can gift health to loved ones through cards

Think of people you care about and count your blessings when you stumble upon a “gift” card that takes care of their health.

In a trend that appears to have a potential to catch on in the health industry, an offering by a private hospital in the City allows one to gift health check-ups and treatment to people. 

Essentially, the hospital has put in place a system which allows people to buy what the hospital calls “Gift Health 108” and gift it to those who can, thereof, avail the medical facilities the particular card allows at the hospital without paying anything. There is a provision for people to be checked for or treated at home.

Speaking to Deccan Herald, Dr H S Chetana, General Manager (Operations) of  Vikram Hospital said: “We have 108 such cards which are broadly classified under five categories –– standard profile, age, ailment, organ and convenience –– all of which are carefully designed by a panel of doctors and planners from the hospital.”

For instance, she explained, under the age category there are about 10 packages targeting people in different age-groups beginning from one. “We have a package for every decade as the problems faced are different at various stages,” she says.

Kannan Ramesh, the brain behind the project said: “With most of the health industry engaged in targeting the corporates, we, having realised the gap between the industry and the common man, wanted to leverage this vacuum.”

The cards are available at some of the leading book stores, greeting cards outlets and plans are afoot to set up kiosks in some of the malls too.

Introduced about eight months ago, the packages under the ailment and organ categories are also similar in nature where a card can be purchased to investigate for, or treat a particular ailment or to treat problems in a particular organ.

The convinience category though, is targeting people who want to be treated at their homes. Dr Chetana explains: “This facility is however designed and limited to treatments that can be carried out at homes. For example, we will not be able to do an ultra-sound scan among other things.”

Further, the gift cards also contain printed information about the dos and the don’ts, warnings and instructions depending on which card is being purchased aimed at educating the patience as well as helping them know what to expect.

For the willing philanthropists too, gifting the health cards could be a handy way to help people.

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