I want to work till my body permits: Amitabh Bachchan

I want to work till my body permits: Amitabh Bachchan

I want to work till my body permits: Amitabh Bachchan

The megastar will be seen in a colourful avatar in his upcoming movie "Budhha Hoga Tera Baap" which coincides with another release of his - Prakash Jha-directed 'Aarakshan'.
Bachchan, who credits his directors for moulding him, says his secret to his long career is that he continues to look for new challenges and shuns getting used to things.

"In our profession, a lot depends on our face and body. I want to work till my body allows me. As an artiste you keep looking for new challenges and you should never be satisfied with your body of work.

"As far as approaching a role is concerned, it is not that difficult because I surrender myself to my director and he moulds my character on screen," said Bachchan, who was here to promote 'Aarakshan', told reporters.

He faced many questions on his active professional life and joked that he was being declared old by the media.

"I must have been asked this question at least 1500 times. I sometime feel that there is a campaign to declare me old," he joked.

In 'Aarakshan', he plays a college principal, who is an idealist and strict disciplinarian but is forced to take sides when faced with the issue of reservation in the movie, which hits theatres on August 12.

The politically correct Bachchan, however, treaded delicately on the questions related to the politics of reservation and declined to express his personal opinion.

"My character in the movie ('Aarakshan') believes that everyone should get an equal chance. But I don't want to comment on reservation personally because it will get politicised and I don't want that," said Bachchan.

When asked about Ramdev's recent fast against corruption, he remained equally non-committal.

"If it is done according to the Constitution, I think everyone has a right to express their opinion," said Bachchan, who kept directing controversial questions to Jha.

He also evaded questions on possible reservations in Bollywood.