Baban triumphs

Baban triumphs

Suhem MK of Coorg took the second spot while Amjad Ali of Mudigere finished third. Rajshekar of Bangalore clinched the Novice class ahead of the second-placed Harsha Natraj of Mysore.

Two-wheelers, Novice class: Mohammad Asif (Tumkur) 1; Shaan (Hassan 2; Salman Baig (Tumkur) 3. Expert class: Madhu S (Tumkur) 1; Rajendra RE (Shimoga) 2; Mohammad Azgar (Mysore) 3. Intermediate class: Rajendra RE (Shimoga) 1; Madhu S (Tumkur) 2; Syed Dastagir (Shimoga) 3. Indian Open: Tanveer (Mysore) 1; Madhu S(Tumkur) 2; Mohd Azgar (Mysore) 3. Local Boys: Syed Dastagir (Shimoga) 1; Rajendra RE (Shimoga) 2; Nathaniel Soans 3.

Four wheelers, 1400-1600cc: Baban Khan(Bangalore) 1; Suhem MK(Coorg) 2; Amjad Ali (Mudigere) 3. Novice Class: Rajshekar(Bangalore) 1; Harsha Natraj (Mysore) 2. 1001cc-1400cc: RD Patel (Mudigere) 1; Baban Khan (Bangalore) 2; Veeresh Gowda Kalasha (Mudigere) 3. Novice class: Divakar (Mudigere) 1; Lokesh Gowda(Bangalore) 2. Upto 800cc: Rajshekar (Bangalore) 1; Baban Khan (Bangalore) 2. Ashok (Mudigere) 3.

Novice class: Sree Hari (Mudigere) 1;  Divakar 2. Indian Open class: RD Patel (Mudigere) 1; Rajshekar (Bangalore) 2; Ashok (Mudigere) 3. Novice class: Harsha Natraj (Mysore) 1; Kiran (Bangalore) 2. Ladies class: Ashika (Bangalore) 1; Harshitha Gowda (Bangalore) 2; Veena Ponnappa (Mysore) 3.
Fastest driver: RD Patil (Mudigere). Best rider: Tanveer (Mysore).

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