What's the buzz...

What's the buzz...

Kids’ exposure to pets isn’t risky 

The researchers followed a group of children from birth until they reached adulthood. And at the age of 18 years, 565 study participants supplied blood samples to the researchers, who measured antibodies to dog and cat allergens in the samples.

They found that being exposed to the specific animal in the first year of life was the most important exposure period, and the exposure appeared protective in some groups.
Young men whose families had kept an indoor dog during their first year of life had about half the risk of becoming sensitised to dogs compared to families which did not keep a dog.

Hypnosis and anaesthesia reduce hospital stay

A new study has revealed that using a combination of hypnosis and local anaesthesia(LA)  in certain surgeries can aid the healing process, reduce drug usage and time spent in the hospital.

In addition, researchers from Cliniques Universitaires, Belgium, also found that the combination could also help in avoiding cancer recurrence and metastases.

“In addition to reducing drug use and hospital stay time, being able to avoid general anaesthesia in breast cancer surgery is important because we know that local anaesthesia can block the body’s stress response to surgery and could therefore reduce the possible spread of metastases,” Prof Fabienne Roelants,Cliniques Unisaid.

The researchers tested the combination on patients undergoing different types of breast cancer surgeries and thyroidectomy (removal of all or part of the thyroid gland).

It was found that though the patients who were hypnotised spent a few minutes more in the operating theatre, their opioid drug use reduced significantly, as was the recovery time and hospital stay.

The results were similar in the thyroid study, wherein the researchers compared 18 patients in the LA/hypnosis group with 36 who had been given general anaesthesia.

It was found that the drug use, recovery room and hospital stay time were greatly reduced among the LA/hypnosis group.

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