Hughes in a spot over Twitter feed

Hughes was quoted on his Twitter feed overnight saying that he had been dropped from the side to face England and his manager Neil D'Costa admitted responsibility for the error.  "I look after Twitter for him, unfortunately I'm the fool on that situation," D'Costa said. "The team was looking to make some changes because of the conditions so I don't think it was that big a surprise."

Cricket Australia spokesman Philip Pope added: "As a young player he will be reminded that he should not be revealing details until the team has been officially announced,"
"We won't decide on our team until we make a final inspection of the pitch when the covers come off. We are keeping all our options open at this stage."

Former Australia batsman Dean Jones said Hughes had made a serious mistake.
"To tell what the team line-up is to his friends before it's been publicly announced is just wrong," Jones told the BBC.

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