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Hinglish titles, no results?

hit formula? A scene from Mere Brother Ki Dulhan.

Filmmakers are now opting to sprinkle their titles with large doses of English words. A few examples of this trend are Kucch Love Jaisaa, Luv Ka The End, Shor: In The City, Mere Brother Ki Dulhan etc. But does it have a positive result? Film media consultants say, “Hinglish may be the order of the day in Bollywood, be it the film titles, lyrics or even dialogues.

 But while the films seem to have found takers in the form of the multiplex audience, most fail to strike a chord with the single screen theater-goers and movie-buffs in smaller towns.”

Trade analysts and distributors second this. Of the several films that have been hits despite their Hinglish (read urban) content, the fact is that they would have been more Indianised to suit the taste of the masses.

Most people in the small towns, find it hard to connect with the storylines or the dialogues, they reason.

Maharaja Features

Akki to the rescue

Currently, he is playing Prachin in the serial Saas Bina Sasural on Sony TV. He will soon be making his big screen debut with Akshay Kumar’s Desi Boyz.

While doing the film, Srman realised that acting in a film is a different ballgame altogether. Srman, who plays Akshay’s room partner in Desi Boyz, had to enact a very emotional scene. “Being a TV artiste and due to my training at NSD, I tend to get a little aggressive while emoting. During one of the emotional dialogue sequences, I kept on giving retakes and by the end of it, we all were frustrated. That is when Akshay asked me if am doing TV. When I said yes, he just laughed and advised me to go easy on my expression,” regales a happy Srman.

Later, Akshay told him that one needs to be a little more melodramatic on TV for effect while for films, one should be more subtle. Desi Boyz also stars John Abraham, Deepika Padukone and Chitrangada Singh.

Creating a lot of ‘dhamaal’

skilled : Sanjay DuttSanjay Dutt’s driver Prasad is extremely fond of acting. Having been part of the Dutt household for ages, looks like some of his boss’ exemplary acting skills have rubbed off on Prasad as well. The actor thought of using him for a prank scene wherein he becomes Mallika Sherawat’s father.

Says a unit source, “They told him to act like a typical Hindi film dad. It was an emotional scene with Mallika pleading with him, but him remaining adamant. It was a very emotional scene and Mallika got fully prepared for it despite the scene not being narrated to her.”

Adds the source, “It was Sanjay who requested director Indra Kumar to take Prasad for the scene. He even helped him memorise his lines. Even though it was not in the script given to Mallika, the actress agreed to do the scene as Indra had told her that some extra emotional naatak was needed.”

Says director Indra Kumar, “As our film is a comedy, Sanju approached me to let Prasad do a prank act with Mallika. So I narrated the scene and she got ready to enact it. But while doing the scene, Prasad said something really funny to her and she was taken aback. Sanjay burst out laughing. The film is full of pranks played on each other, off-screen as well as on-screen!”

Well, we all knew the four boys were full of dhamaal on the sets but looks like Sanjay Dutt was the leader of them all. Watch out as Double Dhamaal releases on June 24.

‘I was a weird choice’

Kevin Bacon was so surprised to be approached to star in the new ‘X-Men’ movie that he thought he had only been offered a role because another star had pulled out.
The ‘Footloose’ star plays Sebastian Shaw in ‘X-Men: First Class’, but Bacon refused to believe he was director Matthew Vaughn’s first-choice to play the mutant villain — especially as his physique is nothing like the bulked up Shaw in the comic books.

He says, “I don’t know if this says something about my self-esteem but the first thing I thought of when they offered me ‘X-Men’ was, ‘Who fell out?’” “The only thing I’m a little concerned about is I don’t look anything like the comic book character. He is a gigantic muscle-bound guy with a pony tail and dresses like George Washington in his britches. When I saw it I thought, ‘I’m kind of a weird choice to embody him.’ Obviously Matthew was going in another direction.”

Kevin Bacon plays Sebastian Shaw, a force of incalculable evil and a Nazi collaborator who can absorb energy and re-channel it. He will stop at nothing to start a war to ensure that mutants inherit the earth. ‘X-Men: First Class’ hit theatres on June 10 in English, Hindi, Tamil and Telugu.

All for a noble cause

Conscious : Mandira BediA leader in stem cell banking industry, Cryo-Save, has appointed Mandira Bedi as its official brand-ambassador. Mandira Bedi, an actress, model and television anchor for various cricket tournaments, started her career by playing the title role in the 1994 television serial Shanti, which was the first daily soap on Indian television.

Mandira, who is married for twelve years to director-producer Raj Kaushal, is now expecting her first child.

Said Mandira, “Parents take various steps to ensure a safe and secure future of their child. It wasn’t until recently that I was made aware of the benefits of stem cells. They can be used to treat various life threatening diseases. Banking of stem cells is the best gift, which the parents can give to their child. It gives me immense pleasure spread this awareness across India.”

Raj Kaushal said, “In India, when a child is born, the parents open a savings bank account to ensure the financial and educational future of the newborn. In my opinion, banking the stem cells of the newborn is equally important as it helps in insuring the medical future of the child.”

The foreign fixation

Bollywood’s recent obsession seems to be fair-skinned actresses. If one film-maker does it, the others follow suit.

The biggest names in the business — Subhash Ghai (Kisna), Imtiaz Ali (Love Aaj Kal), Anurag Basu (Dev D) and Prakash Jha (Raajneeti) — are guilty of this herd mentality.

One film-maker went as far as saying that he prefers a gori to an Indian for a certain type of role because they are more open and less hesitant.

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