Keep them silky

Keep them silky


The moisture that is trapped in while making the cardboard could cause fungal growth on silks and these become stubborn stains. Sarees can be hung on hangers for short periods only.

*As much as possible, avoid dry cleaning as it wears out the silk. Dip the silk in a mild detergent and immediately rinse it 2-3 times in clean water. Never soak silks in detergent.

*When some food drops on your silk saree or dress, instead of washing the whole saree, dip a piece of foam or cloth or some cotton wool in mild detergent (a strong detergent might cause the colour to run) and wipe off the affected areas. Then wipe off with another piece of wet cloth/foam or cotton wool. Wipe with a dry napkin and iron those parts immediately before wrinkles form.

*Fold zari sarees inside-out to retain the shine. Cloves can be placed within the folds – this prevents the zari from turning black.  

*Iron the saree or dress and then fold. Do not iron after folding as they form stubborn creases that might tear the silk along the fold, over a period of time.

*Air your sarees in the shade  – never under direct sunlight – once every six months.

*Tissues should be placed (whole length) in between two soft materials – (cotton/muslin/organza) and then rolled – NEVER FOLDED; or else it tends to tear very fast.

*Never spray perfume directly on silks. You could spray it on the cloth that you are wrapping it in. While wearing silk sarees, perfume could be sprayed on inner lining or front part of the blouse so that even if stains form, they remain covered.

*Naphtalene balls can be slipped in the folds of sarees — they do not cause any harm and help in keeping away small insects that might harm the silk.

*Stiff silks like Tussar can be softened by just dipping them in water and drying them without wringing. Dry cleaning them will not only make them more stiff but also reduce their strength.                                                                                     

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