Parliament committe orders probe into human trafficking in PHF

The orders were issued to the interior security Salman Shah and the director of FIA Jamshed Gulzar yesterday after a hearing on hockey matters focusing on the serious allegations.

Gulzar told the parliamentary body that the FIA would look into the allegations and if required seek the assistance of Interpol for extradition of Pakistani nationals who had slipped away in European countries illegally.

Former Pakistan captain and Olympian Mansoor Ahmed told the hearing in the presence of the PHF secretary, Asif Bajwa that he had enough evidence to prove that in 2008 they were two instances where the PHF officials encouraged some people to slip in Italy and Spain after going there as members of hockey delegations and on visas issued to the PHF.

A charged up Mansoor submitted documentary evidence to the parliamentary committee on sports headed by MNA, Jamshed Khan Dasti showing that in 2008 a person, Majid Shah slipped away in Italy after going there on PHF acquired visas with the help of PHF officials.

Mansoor said Majid are currently settled in Spain.

Mansoor also produced documents showing that in late 2008 six other persons had gone to Italy on PHF sponsored visas with the support of PHF secretary and disappeared there.

The FIA director Gulzar made it clear that he was aware of people slipping away in European countries after going there on sports visas and termed it as a serious issue and a setback to the image of the country.

"This is something we need to look into closely and we will find out the truth," he said.

Bajwa denied the charges of supporting human trafficking and insisted no PHF official was involved in such a racket.

He also lodged counter charges of indiscipline and criminal activities against Mansoor who was a key member of the Pakistan team that won the Champions Trophy and World Cup in 1994.

At the outset of the hearing Jamshed Dasti rebuked Bajwa for getting the PHF President, Qasim Zia, an influential politician, to call him and ask him to support Bajwa in the hearing on hockey affairs.

"I will not tolerate this because we will do our job honestly and cleanly," he said.

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