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Respecting Nature

Bright: Vaastu experts say larger the amount of sunlight  entering a house, larger the prosperity.

Vaastu being right is one of the main criterion for buying property and people go to the extent of backing off from a property deal if the vaastu report is negative.

People in the business of vaastu consultation vouch by the authenticity of their deductions and claim that the growing number of believers is an affirmation of the influence of vaastu in our day-to-day life. Metrolife asked City folk about some of the common vaastu-related beliefs that they kept in mind while buying property and how important they thought vaastu was while buying property or constructing a house.

V R Marathe, a tax consultant, says, “I was not a really a strong believer in vaastu but experiences in life have changed my perceptions about it. My belief in vaastu is born out of good results. However, it also becomes equally important to consult the right vaastu consultant. We were lucky that way.”

Providing some know-how about vaastu, K Gangadhar, a vaastu consultant says, “It is simple really, if you misplace nature, nature will misplace you. It is all about keeping nature in its original place, every direction represents the different elements of nature.

East is representational of the sun and north is representational of ‘Kuber’ or wealth, hence sites that are east or north-facing are good, while south- facing property is avoided as south represents ‘Yama’ or death. Similarly north-east represents water, north-west air, south-east fire and south-west earth.The larger the amount of sunlight entering a house, larger is the prosperity, as everything in nature depends on sunlight.”

When asked if feng-shui was a good alternative to make vaastu corrections, he says, “They are just ways of encashing the opportunity of one’s ignorance.”

He also stated that there has been a phenomenal increase in his clientèle. “I have been working in this field for the past 16 years and the demand for vaastu has only increased over the years,” he adds.

The younger generation however still seems to not know enough about vaastu and have an entirely different perception about it. R Avinash, an engineering student, says, “I don’t know that much about it, but my parents do believe in it.”

Sharing the same opinion was Shreyas Srikant Aakarshan, a musician and theatre enthusiast, who says that they even had a vaastu homa at home as his parents believe
in it.

Though some claim that they might start believing in it in the future. Swaroop D, a student says, “These days even the constructor believes in it, so most houses are constructed according to vaastu.”

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