'Taliban recruiting Europeans'

'Taliban recruiting Europeans'

A chilling new video shows pale-skinned groups of non-Afghan militants defiantly raising their weapons at a secret base in Afghanistan’s Helmand province where British forces are still concentrated, the Sunday Express reported.

The hour-long video, released by the Cultural Commission of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan since bin Laden was killed, boasts of “Muslim youth from different races and languages background” who have had Jihadi training.

“It is thought they include British radicals, supporting reports of increasing English-language communication on Taliban network,” the paper said, adding the video accuses British troops of war crimes and vows revenge.

“There are fears the recruits could be sent back to their own countries on terror campaigns, such as a recent possible threat to London’s Ritz hotel in which a first-floor fire would trap guests above,” the paper said.

The film shows 10 masked trainees on a pick-up truck. Their bare arms reveal pale skin and they all wear watches. They brandish AK-47 assault rifles, PKM machine guns, and rocket-propelled grenade launchers.

“The soldiers are all pale-skinned, suggesting perhaps that they have not been in-country for long. Most Afghan Taliban don’t wear watches. They can’t afford them. It is certainly credible that there are European, perhaps even British, fighters among Taliban ranks,” Colonel Richard Kemp, former head of UK forces in ­Afghanistan, said.

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