Evaluator cost SSLC student 56 marks

Evaluator cost SSLC student 56 marks

The evaluator’s remark on top of the page stating that marks have been deducted for change in handwriting. dh photo

Sandhya G S, a student of Kota Viveka Girls High School was shocked when she got low marks in Kannada. She had secured 96 in Social Science, 93 in Mathematics, 82 in Social Studies, 90 in Hindi and 79 in English. But, she was flabbergasted when she got just 66 out of 125 in Kannada, while she expected more than 120.

She applied for a photocopy of the answer script on May 16, which was sent after delaying for a month, on June 18, after the parents sent a reminder to the Karnataka Secondary Education Examination Board.

Sandhya was surprised to find that she had actually got 123 marks in Kannada. The number was erased and rewritten as 66, docking an astronomical 56 marks!

When she flipped pages, she found that from page 9 to 23, the answers were evaluated but marks were cut for changing handwriting. On top of every page, a remark was made stating: ‘No marks were given for change in handwriting’.

“There is a rule that the student has to take signature of invigilator while using the pen with different ink. But, here she could not maintain her handwriting in all the 23 pages. Even the evaluator doesn’t seem to know Kannada well as the remarks indicated,” said her parents, Surekha and Kota Shivananada, an Yakshagana artiste.

Even in the valuator’s remarks on all the pages, the syntax was wrong. Worse, the valuator’s handwriting changed from page to page, a ground on which Sandhya was penalised, they said. They questioned the rationale of expecting the student to maintain the same style of writing throughout the answer script, and deducting marks if there was change.Now studying in Kota Viveka PU College, Sandhya has applied for revaluation.