With dreams in their eyes


hopeful Sushmitha, Aishwarya, Ranjitha, Harshitha and Gayathri.

The campus of SJR College for Women was abuzz with frantic activity as first year pre-university students waited for the orientation programme to start. There was anxiety and anticipation in the air, as they step­ped into a new environment very different from that of the schools they had studied in.

Aishwarya, a PCMB student, opined that it is natural for students to feel anxious on the first day, but it is a passing phase. “I am sure college atmosphere is going to be very different from that of school —  from the way classes are conducted to the concept of assignments. But I am confident I can cope up. I have no jitters whatsoever and feel really excited to be entering college now.”

Right out of school, the enthusiasm mixed with nervousness was evident among these girls. As these students are entering a new phase, they have a lot of learning to do. Ranjitha said, “I do not know how college life is going to be and am sure many students out here will agree with me.”

Making new friends is the next big task for them but many seemed unfazed. Two such childhood friends, Radhika and Chitra Shree, felt that they will make other good friends too. Radhika said, “It will take us some time to get adjusted to the life in college and the routine. But I would love to make some new friends here too.”

Most importantly, what they felt is the best about the college is that they have so many extra curricular activities and programmes to look forward to. Sushmitha, another PCMB student averred, “During the orientation, we were told about a lot of activities and associations we could join. I am going to take part in as many activities as possible.”
Ranjitha chipped in, “I am into athletics and sports. So there are various opportunities available here to prove my ability.”

The first day of college is synonymous with ragging. But fortunately, the college doesn’t allow any such thing to happen. Radhika said, “We have nothing to worry about that as our lecturers are very supportive and approachable. So if we have any kind of problem we can always go to them.”

Though at first, many in the crowd seemed to stand all by themselves, towards the end, one could see groups of girls hanging out together. Many students believed that it is very important for them to keep their cool. Said Usha, an arts student, “The first day, whether it is school or college, is always going to be a tough one as you see all new faces and have to interact with complete strangers. So one should be mentally prepared for this.” Amidst trepidation, all these students seemed confident to get along well with their lecturers and peers and start a new chapter in life.

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