Murder 2 not relying on erotic content only: Emraan Hashmi

Murder 2 not relying on erotic content only: Emraan Hashmi

Murder 2 not relying on erotic content only: Emraan Hashmi

Even though producer Mahesh Bhatt has said that leading lady Jacqueline Fernandez has surpassed Mallika Sherawat's oomph factor as seen in the 2004 film, Hashmi says the sequel's story line is equally gripping.

"When we were penning down 'Murder 2', we knew that we had to give it content that is newer, more shocking than before and very much topical.

"When 'Murder' had released, it was one of the most talked about films at that time, being the first commercial Hindi film with such high degree of eroticism. However, the film boasted of a brilliant story as well," Hashmi told PTI.

The 32-year-old actor, who is returning to the Bhatt camp with this Mohit Suri directed film, said the plotline is well thought-out and even though sensuality and a strong suspense angle is the mainstay, there is also an eye on making 'Murder 2' an edgy dramatic thriller.

"A film cannot work just on the basis of erotic content. There has to be an edge of the seat element as well if you intend to make a suspense thriller. You need to have a fresh concept to be presented and also keep in mind what would people want to see on screen.

"Today if 'Murder 2' is being talked about, it is not just because of the sizzle factor in the first installment but also because it had a strong story to tell which connected with the masses," said Hashmi.

The actor had earlier vowed to work only in solo leads but has been a part of a number of multi-starrers lately, among which 'Once Upon A Time In Mumbaai' and 'Dil Toh Baccha Hai Ji' have already released. 'Shanghai' (with Abhay Deol) and 'The Dirty Picture' (with Naseruddin Shah and Tusshar Kapoor) all set to follow.

"I have changed my strategy during last two-three years and moved on from doing only solo hero films. I have realised that keeping such a strong stance only restricts you in creative aspects.

"Sometimes you may get a brilliant script but it may have two or three principal characters. You may reject it due to your stand of working in only solo starrers but then it would be eventually your loss only," said Hashmi.

So what was the trigger point for him to change his stand?
"Early in your career you want to pitch yourself as a solo lead so that you can establish yourself. When you get some level of success, you feel a lot more confident and comfortable with your positioning.

"I am at that stage today where I can be a part of something better even when there are other actors involved. There won't be any compromise in my basic thought process whatsoever. I would always be doing films that are different from the routine."