Masks that can make you laugh


Things needed:
1) Big-sized brown paper bags (big enough to slip over your friend’s heads).
2) Paints and sketch pens.
3) Golden paper.

Instructions: Wear the paper bags over your head and mark the exact place of eyes by marking with a sketch pen. Remove and pass a pencil through these marked dots to make holes to see through.

1) CLOWN MASK:  Place the paper bag in front of you, with open side down. Cut out ‘V’ shaped incisions on either side of the lower part. Now cut the lower open edge in a curved pattern (like in linked ‘U’s.) This is the clown’s collar. Draw a long horizontal line across a vertical line to form a cross each on both the eyes, with a black sketch pen.
Draw 3 concentric circles ½” apart – using a red sketch pen, (with the cross at the centre), round the holes. Colour the innermost circle white with black dots for eyes.
Draw and colour a big round red nose in place. Draw and colour a big smiling mouth of a clown and small red circles for cheeks. Draw and colour fringe of blond hair on top. Paint some polka dots on the collar. Your clown mask is ready to be worn.

2)  KING’S MASK: Mark black dots on holes Draw and colour white circles around these to form eyes. With a black sketch pen, outline the eyelids. Draw black bushy eyebrows and moustaches with a regal nose in between. Draw and colour a grim mouth. Cut out a crown from the golden paper, stick atop the head and draw and paint hair from under the crown – down to either side of the crown. Outline the chin. The King’s mask is ready.


Things needed:

1) Big, long balloons.
2) Old magazines.
3) Glue
4) Thread.

Instructions: Cut out pairs of eyes (with or without eyebrows), some noses, and lips from big pictures of popular stars or people from old magazines and keep aside. Cut out rectangular strips of paper – 6” long from black coloured parts of pages in the magazine. Cut out vertical slits halfway – as close as you can.

This will form the fringes of hair. Holding the tied part on top, stick the fringe just below it. Stick the eyes, nose and lips in place, to form a face.

These balloon faces can be tied to hang or stuck in different places on walls to act as decorative pieces for the party and later given to each kid when they leave after the party.

NOTE: If you have gas balloons, the sticking of facial parts will be in an inverted order (starting from the lips on the tied end moving upwards to stick the fringe at the other end). See that the threads used for tying are long enough (for adults to be able to reach them) before letting them cling to the ceiling. Make sure no one switches on the ceiling fan though!

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