Konkan Kogul lives on

Konkan Kogul lives on

The interiors of Rebimbus Creations, with CDs of Wilfy Rebimbus on display. The note of Wilfy’s famous song ‘Mog Tuzo Kithlo Aishelon’ can be seen on the wall.However, the sentimental values attached to this legend in the region and across the world is so immense that people even today yearn to listen to the mesmerising voice of Rebimbus and depth of his creations.

Respecting this sentiment of people who loved Wilfy Rebimbus unconditionally for the person that he was, Vishwas Rebimbus, torch bearer of Wilfy Rebimbus’s legacy, opened an outlet named ‘Rebimbus creation’ dedicated exclusively for his father on June 19, which is celebrated as Father’s Day across the world. What better gift can a son give to his father than a promise to keep his legacy going on.

Located near St Joseph’s Poor Homes, St Joseph Nagar, Jeppu, near Wilfy’s residence ‘Magdelije’, ‘Rebimbus creation’ speaks eloquently the love and dedication with which the Rebimbus family has kept the show go on despite the absence of their guiding light.
Vishwas has taken so much care in designing the whole studio that one will feel as
though Vishwas has translated the visions of his father in his presence.

On entering the studio one can find the wall which adorns all the 40 CDs of the legendary singer and his literature that had gripped and still continues to grip the music lovers of the coastal districts and beyond. Each and every thing kept in the studio breaths Wilfy and with this, ‘Rebimbus Creations’ does not just remains to be a creative venture displaying and selling all the works of Wilfy Rebimbus, but graduates to be a true memorabilia of Late Wilfy Rebimbus.

Speaking to City Herald, Vishwas Rebimbus says that the venture is not a profit driven, business venture but it has been started with great deal of sentimental values.
“It was just a thought to take Daddy a step close to his fans even after his demise. It is a venture to preserve his creations and keep him alive in hearts of people,” says Vishwas.

Each and everything in the studio is meant to be dedicated to Wilfy and rightly so, even the four walls of the studio has the musical notes of the famous Wilfy number ‘Mog Tuzo Kithlo Aishelon’ on it, which only a diehard Wilfy fans and music lovers will identify.

The Rebimbus family has made all the efforts to keep the studio unique. Apart from the creations of Wilfy, the studio also has specially designed cards for all occasions like weddings, Christening, first communion, anniversaries, jubilees and other social functions and celebrations. They also have customised take-aways, given for guests attending important functions.

Wilfy has written lyrics for almost every occasion and the family is treasuring over 3,500 lyrics written by him. If any one wants to get a customised card done for any occasion, what comes along is the beautiful lyrics of the great legend on the card, which makes the card worth preserving.

Rebimbus creation also has got the songs of Wilfy translated to English by eminent scholars. To expand the reach, the lyrics are also being translated into Kannada and Tulu.

Vishwas says that what was challenging was to keep the essence and rhyming intact in the translation. However, the scholars who translated the songs have done a commendable job.

For all those people missing the outrageously popular ‘Wilfy Nites’, here is an opportunity to re-live those musical extravaganza all over again because through Rebimbus Creation Wilfy lives on.


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