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River of smoke

Amitav Ghosh
Penguin, 2011, pp 558, 699
A historical epic that follows its storm-tossed characters to cope with their losses — and, for some, unimaginable freedoms — in the alleys and crowded waterways of 19th century Canton in China.

Jussi Adler-Olsen
Penguin, 2011, pp 504, 299
Copenhagen detective Carl Morck is working on unsolved crimes and her first case concerns Merete Lynggaard, who vanished five years ago…

The Body in the Back Seat
Salil Desai
Gyaana Books, 2011, pp 254, 250
A body has been found in the back seat of a car in the tow yard of the Chaturshringi Police Station and senior inspector Saralkar is eagerly waiting to sink his teeth into this new case.

The Maid
Kimberly Cutter
Bloomsbury, 2011, pp 288, 450
This is the story of Jennine whose sister was murdered by the English and who sought an escape from her violent father and a forced marriage.

The Tenth Unknown
Jvalant Nalin Sampat
Niyogi Books, 2011, pp 287, 295
Set primarily against the backdrop of World War II, it is a mix of myth, fact and fiction. The story starts in 232 BC in Emperor Ashoka’s court and ends with India’s independence in 1947.

Kanchana Ugbabe
Penguin, 2011, pp 160, 199
Stories in this collection chart journeys of love, friendship, despair, daily negotiations and strategies for survival.

Theodore boone: the abduction
John Grisham
Hachette, 2011, pp 217, 225
When his best friend, April, disappears from her bedroom, no one, not even Theo Boone — who knows April better than anyone — has answers.

Enduring Cancer: Stories of Hope
Umanath Nayak
Bywordbooks, 2011, pp 122, 175
A tribute to the fortitude and survival skills of people coming to terms with cancer.

The Filter Bubble: What the internet is hiding from you
Eli Pariser
Penguin, 2011, pp 294, 550
This book reveals how the internet today is starting to control our lives and shows what we can do about it. It also shares how internet is no longer a free, independent space.

Foreigners who loved and served India
K C Brahmachary
Diamond Books, 2011, pp 276, 150
The book showcases the lives of foreigners who contributed towards India’s growth.

Nagaland A Journey to India’s Forgotten Frontier
Jonathan Glancey
Penguin, 2011, pp 268, 650
This is a journey to Nagaland, a beautiful and dangerous corner of north eastern India, whose impact on world affairs is larger than we know.

Turbaned Tornado: The Oldest Marathon Runner
Fauja Singh
Khushwant Singh
Rupa & Co, 2011, pp 113, 250
The biography of a centenarian British Sikh who is a world record holder marathon runner, the book captures his zest for life and his invincible spirit.

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