Filmi fundas

Filmi fundas

confession time Rupert GrintScared of spiders

Actor Rupert Grint says he is terrified of spiders just like his ‘Harry Potter’ alter-ego Ron Weasley. The 22-year-old actor is so terrified of spiders that he checks his shoes every day before he puts them on to make sure there are no creepy crawlies inside.

 “I’m arachnophobic. It has really affected my life. I check my shoes every time I put them on. I check my bed sheets and pillows. I’m going to Australia in a few weeks. I’ve never been before — spiders have always stopped me (sic),” Grint said.

While Grint may be terrified of spiders, he does have a fondness for animals, with miniature donkeys being the latest additions to his family’s collection of pets.

“I suppose I’ve got some weird things. The latest things we’ve got are miniature donkeys. They are just like normal donkeys but almost half the size. We have just got two — Shakespeare and Pandora, as pets. I’ve got miniature pigs as well and miniature hedgehogs. We’ve also got dogs, cats, a parrot and peacocks. I live in the country, really. Just outside London. There are a few acres so we have got some good space,” he said.

Daddy cool

American actress Liv Tyler says her friends often get drawn to her celebrity father Steven Tyler. Steven, 63, is the lead singer of the rock band ‘Aerosmith’ and appears on the reality show ‘American Idol’ as the judge.

 “I’m proud of my father. I admire his courage to do ‘American Idol’ at this time of his life. He’s fabulous. Charming. Magical. Friends of my age tell me, ‘I have a crush on your father’ (sic),” said Liv.

Despite their busy careers, Liv and her father always make an effort to see each other.
“We are both busy working but we see one another. We speak. We text constantly,” she added.

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