Baba accuses govt of rights violation

Baba accuses govt of rights violation

Yoga guru says policemen tried to rape women during crackdown

Baba accuses govt of rights violation

Back in action: Baba Ramdev with his supporters after addressing the media during his visit to New Delhi on Sunday. PTI

After meeting  Raj Bala, who was severly injured in the midnight raid at the Ramlila Maidan on June 4, Ramdev  said, “There was attempt to rape women. Human rights were violated.”  
Accusing the UPA  government of conspiring to kill him, Ramdev vowed to continue his fight against corruption and  black money.

Justifying his attempt to escape in woman’s attire during the melee, Ramdev said: “I escaped because I didn’t want to die an animal’s death. Had I not escaped that night, I would have been dead.”

Asked if he would support the proposed fast by Anna Hazare from August 16, the yoga guru said he would support anyone who is willing to raise voice against corruption.

“The government does not want to bring black money  stashed in banks abroad. Because, many people in the government have illegally accumulated wealth stashed there,” Ramdev alleged, displaying a document which has details of Rs 200 lakh crore stashed in foreign banks.

Ramdev asserted that his demands were not illegal and unconstitutional and if they were so, then why Prime Minister Manmohan Singh wrote to him and four ministers drove to airport to meet him  after he announced plans to go on an indefinite fast.

Stating the government does not want to create a Lokpal, he said, “Along with trusts and NGOs, the government should have proposed to bring the prime minister also under the ambit of Lokpal.”