Taliban warns people on FM radio for supporting Pak forces

Taliban warns people on FM radio for supporting Pak forces

Clandestine Taliban radio stations are issuing diktats to the people abide by the new code of conduct their leaders have proclaimed which tells it's fighters to limit suicide attacks and avoid killing civilians.

Tow militant commanders Maulvi Ikramullah and Maulvi Malakpuri, who emerged recently in Mardan district, have been making illegal broadcasts every day in which they threaten people "defying" the Taliban code of life and backing the security forces.

The two commanders appear to be leading the Taliban fighters who surround Mardan district and have been involved in recent attacks and killings of police officials, The News daily reported on Saturday.

Despite the army's claims of significant successes in its operations against the Taliban in Malakand division, the region has witnessed a surge in violence in recent days. The army says it has gunned down over 1,700 militants in the offensive but no senior Taliban commander has been killed or captured.

Ikramullah, who is the imam of a mosque in Mardan, regularly delivers sermons during Friday congregations. He often tells congregations that the Taliban have asked him to direct local traders to close their businesses during Friday prayers or else they will be bombed.

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