Riding on a passion

High flying

Taking it a notch higher are four men who took their passion for Jawa and Yezdi bikes in particular and formed ‘The Bangalore Jawa Yezdi Motorcycle Club’ to celebrate its power and prestige of owning one.

Over the years, the members grew in strength and every year during the International Jawa Yezdi Day, held all over the world on the second Sunday in July, not less than 500 Jawa and Yezdi bike owners turn up in Bangalore alone.

“The Jawa-Yezdi bikes hold a strong connection to each one in the club. For some, it’s something that has been passed on by their fathers or uncles and for others, it’s a taste that they have acquired through their friends. No doubt the bike has come a long way for us and become more than just a ‘gud-gud gaadis’ as many locals call it,” said Sam, a member of the club.

This year too, these bike enthusiasts plan on celebrating the day by riding for a cause. Around 10 members got together at Cubbon Park recently and shared the details of what the day is going to be like. “Every year, we meet up and ride around the City and share stories and go home. But this year, we felt that we should do something different. That’s when we thought of keeping a theme — ‘Save Wildlife’ and ride for the cause,” said Lokesh, from the club.

The association with each other goes beyond this particular day. The members are constantly sharing tips and advice through networking sites and even chalking out short day trips to Coorg or outskirts of the City. “It’s a great way of keeping the passion alive. The bike is best suited for a long distance ride,” said Amrit, a member. While Lokesh added, “You just can’t imagine to ride an Yezdi in the City with the traffic jams it won’t be a smooth ride.” Not all agree with Lokesh, because so attached are some to their bikes that they can’t even look at another bike. “I take my Yezdi to work everyday. Yes, I agree it makes a lot of noise but it has one of the best road grips that gives you a whole different high by riding it alone,” added Sam.

Just when one thought of this as an all-male thing. The club over the years has even opened its doors to women who share the same passion. “Predominantly it’s men but we do have few women drivers who are equally passionate about the bike,” said Amrit.

On July 10, the club members are calling all Jawa and Yezdi bike owners to the Kanteerva stadium parking lot at 8 am, where they have arranged a small ride in the City limits to mark the ‘International Yezdi Jawa Day’. To register 9880105455 or 9880033994.

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