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Unique Louis
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The first name which comes to a jazz lover’s mind when he thinks of trumpet is Louis Armstrong. Louis Armstrong was the first important soloist to emerge in jazz, and he became the most influential musician in the music’s history. As a trumpet virtuoso, his playing, beginning with the 1920s studio recordings made with his ensembles.  He was also known for his jocular and boisterous songs. He is credited with inventing improvisational jazz singing. He became an enduring figure in popular music, due to his distinctively phrased bass singing and engaging personality. He will be remembered as much for his distinctive voice as for the gaiety and jocularity he infused in his music. The Unique album contains 17 of his popular jazz songs including Blueberry hills, Baby it’s cold outside, Dream a little dream, Gone fishin and Jeepers creepers, a popular 1938 song and jazz standard premiered by Louis Armstrong, and has since been covered by dozens of other artists.The album also includes La vie en Rose (French for “Life through rose-coloured glass,” literally “Life in pink”), the signature song of French singer Edith Piaf. His virtuosity over the trumpet is demonstrated in Ain’t misbehavin and When the saints go marching by, originally a US gospel hymn, it has become an all time favourite jazz standard.

However, the album does not include, What a wonderful world, one of his most popular song. Nevertheless a dozen and then five are a good number of tracks for a fan.
Michael Patrao

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