Lawless state

Lawless state

Crime has been a pervasive feature of social life in Uttar Pradesh but the state of lawlessness seems to be getting increasingly worse. A series of rapes and murder, reported recently from the state, present a dismal and horrifying picture. While most parts of the state and most sections of society figure in the crime map, many incidents stand out for the involvement of powerful people, even those responsible for enforcement of law.

The death of Dr YS Sachan, a deputy chief medical officer, in custody is the latest example of the nexus of corruption, crime and power. Dr Sachan, who had been arrested for his alleged role in the murder of two of his superior officers,  was found hanging but the body bore tell-tale marks of torture.

It is suspected that the death of the doctor had much to do with huge corruption reported in the implementation of the national rural heath mission. The real position is not clear. Dr Sachan had also faced corruption charges but there is suspicion that he was killed to protect more powerful people who could also have been involved in misappropriation of funds. He was found dead a day before he was to make a statement in court. One person who is accused in the case is yet to be arrested and there are suspicions that some of those involved have connections in the top echelons of the power.

All this has led to doubts whether Dr Sachan was done away with to suppress evidence of wrongdoing by others and whether a cover-up attempt is being made.  Questions have been raised about the post-mortem report and the relatives of Dr Sachan have demanded a CBI investigation. The demand is legitimate in the circumstances of the case.

The charges of misappropriation of the rural heath mission funds should also be probed. Even media personnel who reported on the incident have been threatened and attacked. The state government has not acted with sincerity to unravel the truth about the death, and still sticks to the theory it was a case of suicide. It is the deep and extensive nexus between politicians, officials and criminals that has mainly created the anarchic and lawless state of affairs. Ruling and opposition parties and the police are all involved in it. How the state government deals with the Sachan case will demonstrate its ability and willingness to cleanse the stables.

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