Council approves garbage tenders

Council approves garbage tenders

When the subject of floating tenders for garbage collection and disposal came up for discussion before the Council on Tuesday, Congress corporator K Chandrashekhar raised a ‘point of order’ saying that the contracts would wreak havoc in Bangalore as the City would be in a garbage mess. He also flayed the ruling party for reducing the tender conditions from 96 to 48 and leaving no space for those specialised in environmental engineering, who could deal with garbage in an effective manner.

Packages opposed

Voicing his concern, Chandrashekhar said, “One should not expect a garbage-free Bangalore in view of the tender conditions.” He emphasised that the contract must be awarded ward-wise and not packages comprising three wards each.

Joining the issue, JD(S) floor leader in the Palike Council Padmanabha Reddy opined that the proposed garbage contract will get critics not only from the Opposition corporators, but also from the ruling BJP within two months’ time of its coming into force.

He said the contractor will not be able to focus on a particular ward and would leave the City in a mess. The ruling party members in the House however, set aside Opposition parties’ apprehensions and approved the tender.