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Tv Talk

Rising from the dead

Zombieland’ airs on HBO on June 30 at 9 pm. The sci-fi movie stars Woody Harrelson, Jesse Eisenberg, Emma Stone and Billy Nurray. In a world overrun by zombies, Tallahassee has found his life’s calling slaying the undead.

Fearful Columbus, however, has survived using the cower-and-run approach. So when these two opposites team up, they are not sure which is worse — falling to zombies or relying on each other.

Stunning woman on hot seat
Watch ‘The Late Show With David Letterman’ on Big CBS Prime on June 30 at 11.30 pm. This episode has the gorgeous Cameron Diaz on the hot seat.

The legendary talk show host Letterman, chats with Cameron about her latest movie ‘Bad Teacher’ and calls it tremendously funny. The super sexy actress is extremely thrilled by his reactions and says that his compliment makes her really happy.

Letterman later asks the stunning actress about her relationship with the sport star Alex Rodriguez. He teases her with the much publicised picture of the lovey dovey couple taken at the Super Bowl.

To which Cameron replies, “It was the only piece of popcorn that I even put near his face and they (photographers) happened to have the camera on, right when I did it.” The bold and beautiful Cameron relives the Super Bowl moment and feeds Letterman some salty and buttery popcorns with her long graceful fingers.

Exploring the world
On June 30, FOX History and Traveller presents two interesting shows back-to-back at 9 pm — ‘Ever Wondered About Food — Hamburgers’ and David Rocco’s ‘Dolce Vita — Sunday Soccer’.

 ‘Ever Wondered...’ serves up the story of the hamburger. It’s the quintessential fast food. Where did this food icon actually come from? What has the price of a
burger got to do with the state of the economy? And how did its freezability help the hamburger dominate the world?  In the kitchen, Alan Coxon prepares gourmet beef burgers with a spicy tomato salsa while Kathy Sykes gives her tips on achieving the best flavour from your barbecue.

Sunday in Florence is great, especially when it falls on game day.  Rocco decides to whip up a few classic Italian meals for some soccer buddies before heading to the stadium full of diehard fans. 

He ventures out to the local pastificio shop for a Sunday must — fresh pasta. With fresh ingredients and a helping hand from Marco, the meal proves to be as classic as soccer itself.

A risky path
Animal Planet presents ‘LOC (Line of Control)’ on June 30 at 11 pm. Deep in the jungles and in the vast swa­thes of desert where man and animal rarely cross paths, the rules and boundaries are cle­arly respected. But what happens when the worlds of beast and human collide?

Watch the situation go out of control when either one crosses that invisible line in ‘LOC’. Find out what it’s like to experience death as creatures of the wild turn into life-threatening horrors every night at 11 pm.
TV show timings are subject to change

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