'I want to entertain people'

'I want to entertain people'

No inhibitions

'I want to entertain people'

The actor though confesses that he has been waiting for a script of such a nature for a long time. And when his mentor and uncle Aamir Khan thought of something similar, Imran didn’t think twice before grabbing the role. “I have no inhibitions about my character in the film.

There’s a huge difference between reel life and real life. As an actor I would like to explore all hues of the actor in me,” he tells Metrolife. Talking about his experience in ‘Delhi Belly’, Imran says his co-stars and their amazing talent made him more competitive and he thoroughly enjoyed their company.

“They’re extremely talented and their sense of humour is unmatched,” he says without getting into the details about the film.  He explains that any film must forge a connection with its audience. “A film is like a product that you will market and sell. You cannot afford to bore your audience. I go to watch a film for entertainment and that’s exactly what I would like to do through my films, entertain people,” he points out.

This is Imran's second film, produced by Aamir Khan after Jaane Tu.... What does he have to say about his uncle? “He (Aamir) hardly comes on the sets and we meet only during promotions. But I have always admired him for his steadfast and fearless ways. He would always do the right thing, come what may,” he observes.

But more than anything, the songs of ‘Delhi Belly’ have really caught the fancy of people much before the release of the movie. “The music of the film plays an important role before the release of a Bollywood movie, and takes a massive amount of pressure off us actors.” And picking out his favourite song in the movie, Imran says he just can’t get enough of listening to ‘Saigal Blues’ and ‘I Hate You, Like I Love You’.

Saying one last word about ‘Delhi Belly’ Imran points out that the movie is not meant for people who take films too seriously. “If you can laugh, you must go and watch the film,” he wraps up.