Bad weather for medical PG

Bad weather for medical PG


Bad weather for medical PG

Dear Sir,

My son is pursuing an MBBS degree and is in his first year. He is interested in doing a post graduation in the US. I have heard about the USMLE exam. When does he have to apply for this and how? Is it after four-and-a-half years or after completing the one-year internship? When is the exam held in India? How expensive is a medical post graduate course abroad?

Dear Shobana,
In order to get admission to a medical school in the US, your son has to complete a one-year internship after graduation. Your son may start the process during his internship. The Education Commission for Foreign Medical Graduates, ECFMG, certifies international medical graduates for entry to the US (visit for more information). ECFMG conducts the United States Medical Licensing Examinations ( The tests involved include:
Test 1: The ‘Clinical Knowledge’ test paper, a computer-based examination, offered at various centres across India.
Test 2: Clinical Skills Assessment, a practical exam that involves examining and diagnosing standardised patients.
Test 3: The final exam in the series is a computer-based exam with clinical-case stimulations. These can only be taken at centres in the US, which involves getting a visa and travelling to USA. Another requirement is an acceptable score on the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL), which is a computer-based English language proficiency test administered at testing centres in India. Further information is available at
The acceptance rate for medical education at this level is low and hence, highly competitive. Medical education in USA is expensive. Even after clearing the USMLE test, getting a medical school visa is difficult too. In the last decade the number of visas granted to doctors has been low.

Dear Sir,
I have completed BE in Electrical and Electronics engineering from MSRI and I want to do a Masters programme in the same in Germany. I have secured 72 per cent. How much does it cost to study in Germany? I would like to specialise in memos and nanotechnology.
Aspiring engineer

Dear Sir,
I am an Electronics and Communications graduate with an aggregate of 74 per cent. I am currently working for Robert Bosch. I would like to do a Masters programme in Embedded Systems in Germany. How can I prepare and what does the application process entail? How great are work-related opportunities in Germany? Will work experience help my case? Could you also name a few countries that offer the course?

Dear Abhishek and Aspiring Engineer,
Germany is becoming popular for engineering, as the tuition fee is very minimal in state universities. But there now are a few private universities that charge tuition fees. The latter offers programmes in Nanotechnology and Embedded System. However, fluency in German is mandatory in order to complete the degree and to apply for jobs and internships in the country. There are very limited seats that are offered to foreign students and every university looks for high academic performance in the absence of any kind of entrance tests. As fee is either minimal or subsidised, students need to pay for their living expenses. On an average, it may cost you 650 Euros (approximately Rs 35,000) a month for accommodation, transport, food, clothing, study material, health insurance and leisure activities. For details, you may approach Goethe Institute-Max Mueller Bhavan, No. 3, Lavelle Road, Bangalore. Ph: (080)22219772/22214964, E-mail:, You may also browse through the following websites:,