Online system to check fake certificate menace

The first small steps towards that goal were taken here on Wednesday when IIT-M inspired incubator, was launched, taking encryption technology, privacy and security issues to a new high. Tech-savvy entrepreneur Avira Tharakan said the system “can completely transform the age-old process of paperwork and make it more secure, smooth, efficient and easy.”

“What we have done with this web-based innovation is to connect all the stakeholders involved in document verification globally, namely the holder of documents, the issuer (invariably a government uuthority or a university and the like) and the verifier (mainly employers or immigration/customs authorities in case of visa papers, banks and insurance companies), on the same portal,” said Tharakan.

The usual practice is that most employers send certificates of those whom they recruit for verification to another agency, which is time-consuming, expensive and involving lot of paperwork. But through, the sharing and verification of documents could be done electronically at an economical rate and quickly, Tharakan said explaining his web-technology.

“Every document to be authenticated will get a unique number. A unique ‘verification ID’ will also be given to any university or authority in any part of the world who wish to connect to this simple and foolproof system,” said Tharakan during a function here.

The system is expected to help build a repository of verified documents that it becomes to difficult to fake any official document including visa papers.










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