Largest solar eclipse in real and reel

Largest solar eclipse in real and reel

As the whole country, watched the skies during the longest solar eclipse of the 21st Century on July 22, it is interesting to know that there is also a Hollywood movie that is based on similar lines.

20th Century Fox’s forthcoming movie titled Dragonball Evolution apparently revolves around the biggest solar eclipse which is going to occur and protagonist Goku who with friends, must race against time and the eclipsing blood moon to defend the earth against evil.

Of course, our real life phenomenon is not even close to the high intensity drama that goes in the movie. Dragonball Evolution which is scheduled to release in India in August 7 is based on the popular Japanese manga created by Akira Toriyama, whose work spawned best selling graphic novels, video games and a phenomenally successful television series.

The film is produced by Stephen Chow.

But well, the Indian connection doesn’t seem to end just there. The movie also features elements like Om and Namaste in the film. Well talk about karmic connection.

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