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Read all the day's letters

Detention of democratic principles



This is regards to the continuous detention of Aung San Suu Kyi and regular adjournment of trial shows that the charges cast against her lack concrete evidence. The charges levelled by the military regime should be quickly settled by the judiciary by giving its verdict in the favour of justice. The imprisonment of Suu kyi is not only detention of a women but also detention of democratic principles that is leading liberty to suffer and has embarrassed the human and legal values.

The judicial establishment should respect the international concern and demonstrate responsible attitude towards Aung San Suu Kyi and end her long confinement which will be welcome as the whole episode has been suffocating for justice and the international community has been reiterating for the release of the democratic leader. 

The time has come for the world leaders, global media along with United Nation to take cognizance with immediate attention and intervene for the release of Suu Kyi by not only with words but with appreciable action.

Syed Khaja

Old Rajender Nagar

New Delhi-60

Government to act tough

The centre has decided to act tough to the decision of the private airlines to go on strike on Aug 18 . The Director General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) has asked the private airlines to intimate in writing the rationale behind their sudden decision to stop flying their aircrafts  of Aug 18.

The Govt advised the private airline managements against suspending operations and has ruled out the possibility of Govt giving any bailout package to them. The Govt. has also ruled out the possibility of reducing the state taxes on Aviation turbine fuel(ATF). The private airlines cannot pin their hope of financial aid to make up for the loss incurred by the ATF taxes.

The Govt would be compelled to take necessary legal steps as provided under the relevant provisions of Air Craft Act and the relevant regulations in force. Govt has also made the private airline managements clear that it would make appropriate stop-gap arrangements to arrange additional flights to minimise hardships to the passengers.

It is to be mentioned in this connection that it is alleged that some private airlines are spending unnecessary administrative expenditure and mismanagement and meaningless expansion of flights without rhyme or reason.

It is for the first time that the Govt has taken a tough stand in releasing funds.

B S Raghavendra Rao
Sterling Terraces
BSK 3rd.stage

Senseless to seek bailout from centre

The decision not to operate on  August 18 does not augur well for the reputation the private airlines had built over the past decade. They need to set an example of exhibiting their ‘onuses towards duty for PSUs to emulate, including AI. Though, they are bleeding financially profusely, like AI, it is unfair on their part to seek a bail out by the government, either directly or indirectly.

Using flimsy reasons like ATF’s additional burden of differential State levies or ADF will tarnish their image & passengers will be inconvenienced and stranded due to this irrational decision to strike work. It may be prudent for them to prune their administrative overheads and stall temporarily non-viable sectors.

They need to slow down on their advertisement and publicity expenditure too, in times of recession, when the passenger-load factor poses a ‘financial threat’ to their survival. It is time for MCA to take stern action against erring private airlines who propose not to operate on  August 18. After all, in the past, whatever decisions were taken by them, were without consultation with the government. As such, it is illogical and senseless to seek a bail out from the Centre. During times of reaping huge profits, did they allow government its share of the pie!!??

Ashok Jayaram,
'Raghav Residency',
Vijaya Bank Colony
Bangalore-560 043

BESCOM should apologise


BESCOM has issued notices to various consumers whose electricity meters are located inside the houses to shift them outside the houses within a fortnight or face disconnection of power supply. They issued this threatening ultimatum even though they have no statutory backing to do this.

The cost of shifting a meter would cost at least Rs 3000/- per house and it is estimated that almost half the households have meters located inside the house. Thus, the total cost of this exercise would come to a few thousand crores of rupees. A former Chairman of the Karnataka Electricity Board has termed the move of BESCOM as an ‘immature approach’. After receiving the ultimatum from BESCOM many householders got panicky and some of them have even got the job done.

Now, it has come to light that the ultimatum issued by BESCOM was just a FAUX PAS and the Managing Director of BESCOM has issued a clarification that the order does not apply to domestic consumers. (DH dated 31-07-2009). Instead of washing off their hands like this, BESCOM should issue a circular to all consumers apologizing for their mistake and also take strict action against the official responsible for this blunder.