Metrolife filmi fundas

Metrolife filmi fundas

Celina Jaitley, the socially conscious beauty queen and Bollywood star, sent bouquets and a card recently to the Commissioner of Police Satyapal Singh and DCP (Special Branch) R P Sengaonkar, who have been instrumental in banning the use of horses, elephants and camels in the city of Pune.

“Thank you for standing up for those who cannot speak for themselves,” Celina wrote in the card. “All of us from PETA appreciate your efforts and thank you from the bottom of our hearts.”

Anuradha Sawhney of People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals says, “People around the world are watching India’s treatment of animals. We applaud the Pune officers for taking action and urge other officers to do so too.”

Why are Celina and PETA happy about the ban? Horses, which are forced to pull carts in the sweltering heat on the crowded streets of Pune and other cities live a miserable life. It is not unusual for them to suffer from untreated injuries, and most horses never see a veterinarian in their lifetime.

Elephants are a common sight on roads and outside temples typically with a mahout astride the animal, poking a painful ankush behind their sensitive ears to keep them moving in the confusing and alien traffic of cars, their ears assaulted by the cacophony of horns and urban noises, and their tender feet made to walk on the scorching-hot, pothole-ridden roads. The methods used to control elephants are very cruel and cause a threat to the mahouts as well.

Across Pune, camels have been taken out of their desert homes and forced to pull carts and carry people for ‘entertainment’. Joyride operators often ignore the animals’ most basic needs. Camels are housed with no shelter from the elements and are not provided adequate food. The animals are forced to carry riders all day long in the blazing sun with few rest or water breaks.

Making waves on Net
BLAZING Poonam Jhawer
Think of Poonam Jhawer, and an array of seductive images may flash before your eyes. Poonam is in news again as her ravishing photo shoots are the most viewed photos among all the websites. Her pictures are the most downloaded on websites, and she is now the queen of the Internet. Her pictures are making waves and she is a hot property.

“I’m very happy with the response of people watching my pictures on the websites and I have done some really hit and hot albums and I know people want to see me more and more. But now I’m more serious. So be ready for some surprise,” quips the sultry seductress. Looks like everyone is waiting.

Bollywood’s five musketeers

Bollywood’s five-year-report card brings to light that its five musketeers — Aamir Khan, Shah Rukh Khan, Akshay Kumar, Hrithik Roshan and Salman Khan, have together netted a business of approximately Rs 1,830 crores from the ticket windows alone. And, if you add the revenues from satellite, home-video and other mediums to this figure, you can easily see why these men are on top.

However, when it comes to rating the five men, trades sources say that Aamir and Shah Rukh are neck-to-neck at number one, and Hrithik and Akshay share the number two spot. Salman currently occupies a solo place at number three because he hasn’t had
a spectacular release after Partner.

Trade consultant Amod Mehra, however, disagrees and states, “Aamir is a clear number one because each of his films in the last five years has been different.”

“Mangal Pandey was the only flop in Aamir’s bouquet of five.” He adds, “The actor’s other four films — Rang De Basanti, Fanaa, Taare Zameen Par and Ghajini, made a killing at the box office,” he adds.

A glittery launch
in tune Rehan Khan, Sabina Sheema, Bhavna Pani and Akshay Kapoor.
The movie Fast Forward has all the dance moves, so it’s music is surely something to look forward to. One got to witness the new soundtrack that’s going to rock the nation at the music launch of the Anjum Rizvi’s forthcoming release Fast Forward at a multiplex in Mumbai recently.

Present at the event were the stars from the movie, Akshay Kapoor, Rehan Khan, Bhavna Pani and Sabina Sheema, while Vinod Khanna and Mahesh Manjrekar couldn’t make it, with the former being out of town. Producer Anjum Rizvi took care of his guests, while director Zaigham Ali Sayed couldn’t stop beaming for his all new project.

But the man who stole the light was definitely the music director of the movie Akbar Sami, who received compliments galore. Also seen were choreographers, Longinus and Seema Desai, who were chatting with each other. Among others who came to be a part of the celebrations were Kabir Sadanand and Sharbani Mukherjee.

After the launch, the media soon keenly had the new young actors on the block talking about their upcoming venture. Well, with music that has left a mark, everybody is only awaiting for the movie to hit the screens now on August 21.