Houseflies torment residents here

Houseflies torment residents here


Flies that are seen on a vacant land in Bevukallu village in Mandya district. DH PhotoThe residents claim that the presence of poultry farm at Bevukallu, which does not dispose the decomposed and dead fowls has given rise to fly menace not only there but has even spread to the surrounding five villages.

These flies have ruined the peace of these villages. Villagers complain that they are not even able to have food with the lingering foul smell, even after using pesticides around their houses.

The stench has become unbearable and the flies have multiplied creating nuisance. If it continues, it might even lead to spread of epidemic in the villages, fear the people.

Annapurneshwari Poultry farm, a private chicken centre, on the outskirts of Bevukallu is the reason for all these problems which has spread to Honnenahalli, B Hatni and other villages.

In view of the protest by the villagers, the health officers visited the village. They demanded that authorities solve the fly issue and close the poultry farm, if they fail to follow the suggested standards.

According to gram panchayat president Mani, the license of the poultry farm has not been renewed and demanded its closure. A final notice has been sent to the farm to follow the guidelines, she added. Addressing the protesters on Tuesday, the Health Officer stated that the gram panchayat president should file a complaint against the farm citing that the health and hygiene of the poultry farm is at stake. Only then steps could be taken on the issue.

Poultry farm manager Basavaraju said the poultry farm was covered with plastic sheets and failure of spraying sufficient pesticides to control the flies and removing the plastic was the reason for the flies spreading across the villages. Steps have already been taken to tackle the same, he said. The negligence of the previous officers who were incharge of the farm has led to the menace, he added.

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