30-year old electric poles cause fear in Hulse

30-year old electric poles cause fear in Hulse

The wooden electric pole, which has been in a precarious state over the last 30 years, at Hulse near Balehonnur.

These 30 year old poles are on the verge of collapse and the Mescom officials are not taking any step to replace them.

In Heroor Gram Panchayat limits, electricity poles made of a typical tree named ‘Baliga poles’ were installed three decades ago. About 15 days back a tree fell over the line, damaging the poles and the electric wires. Local linemen rushed to the spot and made temporary repair. No untoward incident occurred but this was an incident from, which the Mescom officials should have learn a lesson. Unfortunately it had no impact.

There are large of students passing from this region because it is on the way to Veeragalmakki school. Though the local residents have been urging the officials concerned to replace the poles, no action has been taken so far. Though the tree fell 15 days ago, the lines have been working due to the temporary repair work.

No officials have visited the area so far to see what can be done to solve the existing problem.

The local residents say that the Mescom sent  two concrete poles to the area, dumped the poles about a kilometer away from the required spot and asked the local residents to take the poles wherever they want it to be installed.

The local residents who desperately wanted replacement of the poles went and carried the poles to the required spots. Till date, the residents are waiting for the workers of the Department to install the poles.

“Whenever we ask the linemen as to why the poles have not been installed, they either say that there is manpower shortage or there is shortage of  clamps,” says a residents adding that when they try to get the mobile number of Mescom Managing Director the officials say that they do not know his contact number.

The local residents literally skip heart beats with every strong wind and heavy rain because the poles are too old to withstand the rains anymore.

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